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I wish to express my gratitude to individuals who have helped me with creating this site. This site would have never come to light without their massive efforts and help.

I would like to thank my family, particularly my brother Philip. I put a big weight on him and I spared much of his time and energy. I would like to thank my brother Victor whose ideas inspired me a lot.

Special thanks to my friend Sherif Wahib. He has a talent of an real artist. I also took much of his time though I know how stressed he is.

My gratitude also goes to George Baheeg. He was so encouraging to me and followed up every development that I make over years that I spent in creating this project.

I would have never forget the contributions of Michael Mounir and Antonne Demian and Hany Magdy. Their contributions were very essential to several sections of the site.

Many thanks also go to Jon Bodworth, Medhat, Ehab Samy, Ben Marselis for their wonderful photos.

Thanks also to Mrs. Rasha Azizi in the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and thanks to the Egyptian Tourism Authority.

Finally, I'd like to thank all my friends and relatives who supported me until I posted my site to the web. I'd like to thank Ahmed Abdel Baset, Ahmed Abdel Nasser and Gamil

Raymon Kondos

Detailed Credits:
Senior Graphic Desiger: Sherif Wahib
Graphic Designer: Philip Kondos
Graphic Designer: Hany Magdy
Some Section Texts: Michael Mounir, Antonne Demian
Photos: Jon Bodsworth, Medhat, Ehab Sammy, Ben Marselis

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