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Rosetta Rosetta
image © 2004 Joel A. Freeman,

The city of Rashid played an important role in history and that's probably one of the reasons its name was europeanized into "Rosetta" or "Rosette."

Image 1
It stands on the western branch, known as the Rosetta branch, of the Nile as it pours to the Mediterranean Sea. The city is renown in Egypt for the production of palm dates. This is so evident because many of palm trees are scattered all over the surroundings.

Though the city's role goes back to the Pharaonic times, the most evident vestiges belong to the Ottomans manifested in many of the houses that bear the Ottoman architecture touch.

When the Ottomans conquered Egypt in 1517, they made the city their main port in Egypt because of its proximity to their homeland in Asia Minor.

In 1799 Rashid gained fame after the French Expedition to Egypt (1788-1801) found the Rosetta stone (See Image 1), which accounts for the deciphering of the hieroglyphicWhat does it mean? language and paved the way for modern archeologists to know all about the Pharaonic civilization, marking a significant contribution to the world heritage.

There are several Ottoman houses in the city as well as mosques that can be visited. Most of them once belonged to rich merchants who were involved in trade with Europe.

A ticket could be bought from Qaitbay fort. It entitles you to visit the fort itself -where the Rosetta stone was found-, a museum and the monuments in the city.

Most of the city's relics date from the 16th to the 18th century. Examples of the visitable relics are: Houses of Arab Kulli, Amasyali, Thabet, Mekki, Abbasi, Dumaqsis. There are notable mosques like: Al-Gendi, Al-Mehalli, SheikhWhat does it mean? Kandil, Zagloul.

You can also enjoy the marvelous scene of the mouth of the Nile where the river water and the Mediterranean Sea water embrace each other as the Nile pours in the sea.

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