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Zagazig Zagazig
Photo courtesy of Egyptian Tourism Authority

Zagazig is about 80 km (50 miles) northeast of Cairo. Nearby is the remains of the ancient city of Bubastis or Tel Basta (see above image)

Outside the main city lie the ruins of Bubastis, one of Egypt's ancient capitals. This was once one of Egypt's greatest cities. Building continued in it from the 4th dynasty down to the 22nd dynasty. Unfortunately there is nothing left of it but rubbles. Bubastis had once a great temple dedicated to the cat-goddess, BastetWho is this deity?, the chief deity of the ancient city.

Few meters away of the site there is the cat cemetery. It has underground galleries of bronze cat statues as found from ancient Egypt.

About 70 km (44 miles) northeast of Zagazig City was another big ancient city called Tanis. The city was once a capital and now it is also in ruins. The city, however, has been excavated by the Egyptian government and few monuments have been discovered.

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