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Al-Hakim Mosque Al-Hakim Mosque
Photo by Gamil Mahmoud
© 2009 Your Egypt

Al-Hakim's mosque is just adjacent to the city's Fatimid wall along Bab El-Fetouh. The mosque was completed by Al-Hakim in 990.

Al-Hakim bi Amr Allah (literally: ruler by god's command) had an eccentric character. He was renown by odd decisions. He ordered women to stay inside homes and enforced that by ordering shoemakers not to make sandals for them. He poured wine and honey in the Nile and ruined grape farms. He once had all dogs of Cairo killed and was sentencing people to death for minor charges.

Al-Hakim, who used to wander alone at night on his donkey in the Muqattam hills, mysteriously disappeared one night, probably killed. A vizierWhat does it mean? of him called Darazi fled to Syria where he preached his divinity, founding the DruzeWhat does it mean? sect.

Al-Hakim's mosque was barely used for religious services throughout history. It was used as a prison for crusaders, a stable by Saladin, a warehouse by Napoleon and a school by President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The mosque was recently restored by a Shi'iteWhat does it mean? sect in the early 1980s and the interiors of the mosque was changed by modern decorations.
The minaretsWhat does it mean? were restored in 1303 after an earthquake damaged them.

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