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Manial Palace Museum Manial Palace Museum
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

The palace was built by Prince Mohamed Ali (1875-1955), son of KhediveWhat does it mean? Tawfik, between 1901 and 1929. Apart from the big reception building the palace contains a very interesting hunting museum belongs to late King
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Farouk, the last king who was deposed in 1952. The museum has a good collection of stuffed animals and trophies.

The residence of Prince Mohamed Ali is very interesting with all the riches of artifacts and workmanship. There is also a throne room that is a replica to a similar room in the citadel illustrating furniture used by Mohamed Ali (not the prince), the founder of the dynasty.

There is also a throne room with lots of sofas arrayed on the sides of the elongated hall.
On the wall there are paintings of all viceroysWhat does it mean? and KhedivesWhat does it mean? of Egypt before rulers acquire the title "king."

Another museum is located in the palace housing Prince Mohamed Ali's rich private collection. This collection includes silver, glass, costumes, carpets, portraits, porcelain, korans and furnuture.

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