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Mausoleum & Madrasa of Al-Nasser Mohamed Mausoleum & Madrasa of Al-Nasser Mohamed
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

Al-Nasser Mohamed is one of Mamluk Sultan Qalawun' s sons. His reign is the most prosperous among other Mamluk rulers. He left many mosques that
Image 1
survived to the present-day, as he was encouraging building and construction.

Al-Nasser finished this mausoleumWhat does it mean? and madrasaWhat does it mean? complex in 1304. The complex has a Gothic doorway taken from a crusader church in Acre which his son conquered in 1291 after defeating the crusaders.

Al-Nasser also built a mosque in the citadel that stands to the present day.
The mausoleum houses the bodies of Al-Nasser's daughter and mother. His corpse is buried in his father's mausoleum, next door.

The place is currently in restoration and not admissible to visitors.

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