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Mausoleum, Madrasa, and hospital of Qalawun Mausoleum, Madrasa, and hospital of Qalawun
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

The complex was built between 1284-1285 AD by El-Mansour Qalawun who came from a Tartar descent. Qalawun, who established a Mamluk dynasty that lasted for a century, died in 1290 on his way to fight crusaders in Acre.

The maristanWhat does it mean? was built to provide medical care for people from delicate surgery to the care for the insane. The hospital, which occupies the end of the complex, is replaced by a modern eye clinic.

The mausoleumWhat does it mean? is a landmark itself and is excellently decorated. The complex has a Gothic touch. This is because Qalawun had knowledge with the crusader churches in Syria.

The place is currently in restoration and not admissible to visitors.

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