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Mosque of Sultan Hassan Mosque of Sultan Hassan
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

Putting the citadel in your back the mosque will be to the left to Al-Qal'aa street.
The mosque was finished in 1363. It was built during the Bahari Mamluk period by Sultan Hassan. The mosque is one of the largest Islamic structures on earth.

It's remarkably big in terms of size and is skillfully decorated. It is said that the Sultan gathered the best architects and ordered them to build a mosque that its grandiosity surpasses any other building on earth.

The mosque also included a madrasaWhat does it mean? to teach students the four sects of Islam. This is evident as you can see four mansions located on the corners of the mosque. The south minaretWhat does it mean? is about 60 meters high (about 200 feet), one the tallest of ancient mosques on earth.

The mosque has a mausoleumWhat does it mean? that was intended to house the corpse of the Sultan who died in the desert but the location of his body remained unknown.

In order to complete his mosque, Sultan Hassan had to acquire money of the victims who fell dead in the Black DeathWhat does it mean? that hit Egypt at that time.

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