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Nilometer Nilometer
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

The NilometerWhat does it mean? was built by an order of Abbasid CaliphWhat does it mean? Al-Mutawwakel in 861; the aim was to measure the river's flood to predict the annual harvest.

Sketch 1
Three levels of tunnels used to carry water to the building. Sixteen-cubit-deep columns center the pit and when water used to reach that level, special ceremonies were held for the occasion.

The basic structure of the monument is the oldest of Islamic eras in Cairo. However, the supplementary building was restored several times. The housing of the Nilometer was built only in the 19th century. It is remarkable for its Turkish-style pointed roof.

The Nilometer is no longer functions because the water tunnels is now blocked up.

The monument is often closed but the custodian who lives nearby could be fetched by asking any of the locals.
Lithograph 1

Old Photo 1

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