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Rifa'i Mosque Rifa'i Mosque
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

Work began in the mosque first in 1869 and problems disrupted the construction until it was resumed in 1905 and was finally completed in 1912.

The importance of this mosque lies in the number of royals of Mohamed Ali dynasty buried in it. King Fuad, the penultimate king of Egypt (ruled 1917-1936) is buried here along with his mother.

The mosque has also tombstones of KhediveWhat does it mean? Ismail, his mother, and other members of the family as well as Sultan Hussein Kamel's (ruled 1914-1917) burial.

The last to be buried was Mohamed Pahlavi, the last ShahWhat does it mean? of Iran, and King Farouk, the last deposed king of Egypt.

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