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The Great Pyramids The Great Pyramids
Photo © 2004 History Link 101

At the Giza plateau lie the greatest monuments on earth; they are the great pyramids. They are the only surviving landmarks of the old Seven Wonders of the WorldWhat does it mean?.

The grandeur of these monuments lies in their size in relation to the date of their construction, taking into consideration the architecture difficulties with the lack of our modern technology.
Believing in another life after death, ancient Egyptians built pyramids for their kings to grant them immortality in the second life.

A typical pyramid was built among a complex that also includes funerary temple, a valley temple and causeways. Entrances of the pyramids are always facing the North Pole (compass). There are about 80 pyramids in Egypt.

In the area there are also few tombs of the kings' kin, nobles and courtiers. Some of tombs are closed but any one accessible of them is worth visiting.

Pyramid of Khufu
Pyramid of Khafre
Pyramid of Menkaure
Lithograph 1
Lithograph 2

Old Photo 1
Old Photo 2
Old Photo 3

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