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Pyramid of Khafre Pyramid of Khafre
Photo courtesy of The Egypt Archive

Khafre is the son of Khufu and his 4th dynasty pyramid is slightly shorter than his father's though it might seem larger because it was built on a higher ground. Its original height was 143.5 meters (471 feet) but is now 136.5 meters (448 feet).

The pyramid has two chambers and was also robbed in ancient times, however the royal granite sarcophagusWhat does it mean? remains in the burial chamber. Observe the peak of the pyramid, as this is the only one in the plateau that retained part of the casing used to cover its sides.

To the east of the pyramid lies the remains of Khafre's mortuary temple and its valley temple lies beside the Sphinx. The two temples are connected by a causeway.

The whole complex is a good example of the Old Kingdom's dynasties.

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