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Pyramid of Khufu Pyramid of Khufu
Photo courtesy of The Egypt Archive

This is the largest pyramid on earth. It was built by King Khufu, second king of the 4th dynasty around 2600 BC.

Sketch 1

Its building lasted for about 20 years and a number of about 2.5 million stones were used in its construction. Its original height was 146 meters (480 feet) and but is now 137 meters (450 feet) high. It is built on 13-acre area. Like the other pyramids, this one was cased but lost its case by time.

The interior of the pyramid is interesting though simple. Ventilation is good as designed by ancient builders. The pyramid has three chambers, the queen's, the Grand Gallery and the king's chamber. They are connected together with narrow tunnels.

Though the pyramid was supposed to be protected against theft, only the royal sarcophagusWhat does it mean? remained.
To the east of Khufu's pyramid are small pyramids of his wives and daughters.

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