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The Bent Pyramid The Bent Pyramid
Photo courtesy of The Egypt Archive

The pyramid was built by King Snefru (a.k.a. Snofru or Soris in Greek), the king-founder of the 4th dynasty.

The pyramid is unusual. About halfway to the peak the sloping angle is reduced from a steep 52° to a calmer angle of 43.5° forming a bent at that point.

Image 1
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Image 3
There are many theories associated with the decision to change the angle. Some say the collapse of Snefru's pyramid at Meidum triggered his fears and in order to lessen stress that could result in the collapse of this pyramid as well, Snefru decided to reduce the angle. Other theory says that if the pyramid continued at its original angle it would have required tremendous effort and material, and so Snefru decided to cut expenses and save effort by reducing the required work.

If the pyramid was to retain its initial sloping angle it could have risen to a height of 128 meters (420 feet) but it's now about 105 meters (334 feet) high.

The unusual thing about this pyramid is that it has its original limestone encasing intact, something that not other pyramids had retained.
Also uncommon is that the pyramid has two entrances to the north and to the west side for unknown reason.

The west-side entrance in unlocked for the reason of being so high and not possible to approach because of the intact encasing that smoothens the pyramid's surface. To the south of the pyramid is a smaller pyramid built for unknown purpose.

Nearby are the ruins of the associated temples of the Bent Pyramid.

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