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Helwan Helwan
Photo courtesy of Egyptian Tourism Authority
The Japanese Gardens

Helwan City lies 25 km (16 miles) to the south of Cairo. It was once Egypt's best place for thermal treatment because of springs that pour sulfuric water and for its fascinating nature.

Unfortunately, the industrial boom that accompanied the 1952 revolution turned the city to be a heavy industrial zone, ending its splendor and increasing pollution.

Wax museum:
The wax museum is near the springs at EinWhat does it mean? Helwan. It is small but finely illustrates Egypt's history in wax effigies from the Pharaonic times to the revolution. Tips are expected for the caretaker.

Japanese Garden:
It is the only one in the Middle East. It has several walkways, a lake and café. The garden has statues for Buddha and elephants. It was once a magnificent place but neglected by time.

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