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Pyramids of Lisht
Pyramids of Lisht
Pyramid of Senwosret I

Lisht is the necropolisWhat does it mean? of the ancient city of Itjtawy founded by kings of the 12th dynasty. Pyramids in the necropolis are generally dilapidated. The most important of them belong to Amenemhat I and Senwosret I.

Pyramid of Amenemhat I:
This pyramid was constructed of limestone and the inside is not accessible. To the east is the pyramid's funerary temple which in now in ruins. Nearby are the mastabasWhat does it mean? of the related court officials.

Pyramid of Senwosret I:
The pyramid was built of a stone core and encased with limestone. This one is also in ruins. Some 9 pyramids are built in the funerary complex for the members of Senwosret family. Also nearby are some mastabas of the officials related to the king.

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