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Monuments of Saqqara
Monuments of Saqqara

Saqqara is the biggest necropolisWhat does it mean? of the nearby ancient city of Memphis. After the unification of Egypt under Menes, he built the city of Memphis -as believed-. His successors began to use Saqqara until the capital was shifted from Memphis to Thebes (Luxor).

Though other sites were also used, Saqqara's role is the biggest among all because of the big amount of monuments found there and because of their variance: Saqqara has pyramids, mastabasWhat does it mean?, temples and even a Christian monastery.

The main attraction of Saqqara is Djoser's step pyramid built by his vizierWhat does it mean? ImhotepWho is this deity? who was deified after his death. The pyramid is the oldest in Egypt and is considered as the earliest stone structure of its kind in the world.

The amount of the monuments in Saqqara made it difficult to reveal all the secrets of the area, so excavations work still continue and many finds are expected in the future.
Djoser's Complex
Pyramid of Userkaf
Pyramid of Unas
Mastaba of Idut
Persian Tombs
Monastery of Saint Jeremiah
Funerary Complex of Sekhemkhet
Tombs of Akhet-hotep and Ptah-hotep
Philosophers' Circle
Mastaba of Ti
Tomb of Mereruka
Tomb of Kagemni
Tomb of Ankhmahor (Physician's Tomb)
Pyramid of Teti
Early Dynastic Tombs
Southern Saqqara:
Mastabet Fara'oun

Southern Pyramids

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