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Mastabet Fara'oun
Photo courtesy of The Egypt Archive

For some reason the 4th dynasty's King Shepseskaf chose south Saqqara to build his tomb unlike his predecessors, the great pyramid builders, who built their tomb-pyramids either in Giza or in Dahshur.

For some reason also, Shepseskaf decided not to build a pyramid but a sarcophagusWhat does it mean?-like superstructure that is similar to a mastaba with sloped sides. The tomb was originally encased by a limestone layer. It has long passageways and a burial chamber whose granite walls are unadorned.

The current local name of the tomb is "Mastabet Fara'oun" which means (The Pharaoh's bench) in Arabic. Shepseskaf is believed to be a son of Menkaure who built the third pyramid at Giza plateau.

Source: Lehner, Complete Pyramids, p. 139

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