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Pyramid of Teti Pyramid of Teti
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

Teti is the founder king of the 6th dynasty. Mariette discovered his pyramid in 1850s. It is to the northeast of Djoser's complex -south of the tombs of 6th dynasty nobles: Mereruka, Kagemni and Ankhmahor-.

The pyramid at the present time looks like a mound of rubble rather than a true pyramid. It was originally filled with stones and encased with limestone. This was part of a complex that also included a funerary temple -that has sanctuary, storerooms and a secondary smaller pyramid- and causeway that was supposed to run to a valley temple.

The pyramid was about 53 meters (174 ft) in height. Time and stone-robbers did much to cause the current crumbling state of the pyramid.

The entrance is from the north side at a ground level. The burial chamber still contains the basalt sarcophagusWhat does it mean? with a broken lid adorned with parts of the Pyramids TextsWhat does it mean? that also decorates chambers and passages of the pyramid. Like most pyramids and tombs, the contents of this pyramid were plundered.

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