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Pyramid of Unas
Pyramid of Unas

Unas was the last king of the 5th dynasty. His pyramid lies to the south of Djoser's complex.

Though look less imposing than earlier pyramids of Giza and that of Djoser, the pyramid had another significance: It is for the first time to see inscriptions of the Pyramid TextsWhat does it mean? and other decorations. This is because walls of earlier tombs were not adorned.

The burial chambers are worth the visit. The pyramid itself lost its limestone casing and so it looks like a mound of rubble rather than a true pyramid. Its original height was about 19 meters (62 ft). The entrance to inside the pyramid is from the northern side.

The causway of the pyramid:
The recently restored causeway of the Unas pyramid stretches eastward to a length of about one-kilometer (0.6 miles). It has a limestone floor and it used to be completely enclosed.

The roof had once a crevice cut to admit the sunlight in the causeway for illumination. Traces of the original construction can be seen as you go further east. This part is particularly interesting as it bears reliefs that represent the daily life.

Other nearby monuments:
Going along the causeway to the south you will see the boat pits that once housed the Solar BoatsWhat does it mean? like those of the Great Pyramids at Giza. However, some archeologists believe their role were merely symbolic.

Source: Lehner, Complete Pyramids, p. 155

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