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Tomb of Mereruka Tomb of Mereruka
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

The tomb is to the northeast of Djoser's complex (north to the pyramid of Teti). Mereruka was a vizierWhat does it mean? to the 6th dynasty's King Teti. His tomb is the largest and the best preserved one of the dynasty.

Mereruka was married to King Teti's daughter, Watet-khet-hor (Seshseshat). They begot a son called Meri-titi as well as other children. Both the wife and the son were buried in the same tomb of Mereruka and complete sections of the tomb are dedicated to them.

The tomb has thirtysomething rooms. In the six-pillared offering hall, a statue of Mereruka is placed striding out from a false door.

The tomb was discovered in the 1890s. The numerosity of the reliefs in this tomb gave archeologists an opportunity to examine life aspects at that time.

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