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Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa
Photo by Victor Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

The catacombsWhat does it mean? are the most interesting of Alexandria. They were built in the 2nd century AD during the Roman era. Its architecture is a unique combination of both Egyptian and Greco-Roman art. They probably belonged to a one family. The burials are of 3 levels at the depth of 30 meters (100 feet) but the lowest level is unfortunately flooded with water and inaccessible.

The entrance is accessible by climbing down a spiral staircase round a shaft through which the body of the deceased was lowered by robes.
The tombs have a banquet hall furnished with rock-cut benches to accommodate visitors who come to visit the departed and dine.

The tombs were excavated accidentally in 1900 when a donkey cart stumbled in a pit leading to the monument.

The tombs are maybe the last in Egypt to bear the theme of the ancient Egyptian pagan beliefs.

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