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Pompey Pillar Pompey Pillar
Photo by Victor Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

The site in Arabic is called "Amoud El-Sawary." The column was raised in honor of Roman Emperor Diocletian in about 300 AD. The 22 meters-high (72 ft high) column is believed to be taken from the temple of SerapisWho is this deity? (The Serapeum). It is made of red granite brought from Aswan.

Though bears the name of Pompey, the column has actually nothing to do with him. But some believed his ashes rested somewhere there. Pompey was a Roman statesman and general who was killed upon his arrival in Egypt in 48 BC.

The Serapeum once stood nearby. It was subject to attacks by the Jewish community after they revolted in about 115-117 AD. It was re-built and enlarged but was finally destroyed by a mob of monks in 391 amid anti-pagan feelings.

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