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St. Mark Cathedral St. Mark Cathedral

The cathedral is also called Al-Morkoseya in Arabic, which literally means the 'Markian,' pertaining to Saint Mark the evangelist.

The Cathedral belongs to the Coptic Orthodox Church. The original church was built on the site where Saint Mark -the apostle of Jesus who brought Christianity in Egypt- martyred.

The current church was built over the ancient one. The church was destroyed during the French expedition to Egypt (1798 - 1801) and few years later it was hastily built. In 1819, Pope Botros VII obtained a permission from Mohamed Ali, the then viceroyWhat does it mean? of Egypt, and reformed the church. Further reforms were made in 1870 and the last renovation was done in 1950. 2 marble columns of the earlier churches are now put in the entrance as an ornament.

The church is said to contain the bodies of more than 50 popes in its bases, including the head of St. Mark the Evangelist. A crypt under the church contains a chapel commemorating the popes, believed to be buried beneath.

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