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El-Dakhla El-Dakhla
Photo courtesy of Egyptian Tourism Authority

El-Dakhla oasis lies 187 km (116 miles) northwest to Al-Kharga oasis and it is the farthest from Cairo, albeit one of the most beautiful. This also lies in a natural greenery depression in the Western desert.

The chief cities of the oasis are MutWho is this deity?, which is named after the famous ancient Egyptian goddess, and El-QasrWhat does it mean? (see main image above).

The oasis has a sulphur pool that is said to be healthy in the road between Mut and El-Qasr. El-Qasr town is simple and is indeed exemplary of an Oasis town.
The oasis is renown for its production of olives, onions, dates and dried fruits.

In the city of Mut there is the ethnographic museum which features famous Islamic divisions, HaramlikWhat does it mean? and SalamlikWhat does it mean?. The museum contains an interesting collection of local stuffs like, rugs, dresses, baskets and statuettes illustrating the daily life of the inhabitants.

About 27 km (17 miles) east of Mut town lies the Bashandi village which runs kind of interesting project of handmade carpets, baskets and embroidered dresses. The village is built over an ancient site.

The village contains several Roman tombs that are taken as residences by modern villagers. Despite that, few can be visited and those contain interesting scenes.

Also remains of a Pharaonic tomb dating back to the 22nd century lies southwest to El-Qasr. There are also an interesting Roman cemetery with colorful tombs and another temple at DeirWhat does it mean? El-Hagar.

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