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Qasr El-Saghah and Dimai (Soknopaiou Nesos) Qasr El-Saghah and Dimai (Soknopaiou Nesos)
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt
Dimai temple

The two historic sites are to the north of Lake Qarun. The sites are best accessible by a 4WD vehicle and the first of them are about 30 km (19 miles) from Karanis.

The first temple QasrWhat does it mean? El-Saghah dates to the Middle Kingdom of the Pharaonic era and is built of sandstone. The remarkable thing about it is that it contains 7 shrines. Little information is known about the circumstance of its construction. The site provides good scenery of the lake and the stretched desert.

Dimai temple lies to the south of Qasr El-Saghah. It is dedicated to God SoknopaiosWho is this deity?, a variation of God SobekWho is this deity?. It is established on an elevated land that was once an island in the lake but merged to the land after the water ebbed.

The ruined-city adjacent to the temple was once a port and a caravanseraiWhat does it mean?. You can also approach Dimai site by a boat from the southern shore of the lake. You can do that by asking fishermen for the possibility and many would be ready to convey you across the lake to the site.

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