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El-Fayoum El-Fayoum
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt
Fishermen in Qarun lake

El-Fayoum lies 100 km (62 miles) southwest of Cairo. El-Fayoum, which is considered Egypt's largest oasis, is a depression basin of land that is extremely fertile.

The chief city is MedinetWhat does it mean? El-Fayoum which is surrounded by many rustic villages.

El-Fayoum has a lake to its northwest edge, Qarun, a saline lake that lies few kilometers/miles far from Medinet El-Fayoum. Hence came the city's name "Fayoum" which was changed by Arabs from the original Coptic name "Efium" which means the sea.

El-Fayoum is a very rich agricultural land and is linked to the Nile River by a canal called BahrWhat does it mean? Yusef. Thus the area is famous for its vegetables, fruits and wildlife.

Hawara Pyramid and Labyrinth
The Hanging Mosque
Qaitbay Mosque
Monasteries of Fayoum
Ein El-Sillin
Karanis (Kom Oshim)
Qasr El-Saghah and Dimai (Soknopaiou Nesos)
Qasr Qarun (Dionysias)
Medinet Madi (Narmuthis)
Lahun Pyramid
Obelisk of Senwosret I

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