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Karanis (Kom Oshim) Karanis (Kom Oshim)
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt
The Southern temple of Karanis

It is an ancient city (See Image 3) first built by the Ptolemies in the 3rd century BC. It is close to the Cairo-Fayoum road, only 70 km (44 miles) far from Cairo. The city has a stone temple in the south dedicated to crocodile-gods PnepherosWho is this deity? and PetesouchosWho is this deity? and another one in the north dedicated to crocodile-god SobekWho is this deity? (See Image 2), in addition to two Roman baths (See Image 4).

Image 1
The city is so interesting and a must-visit. The remains of the city shed some light over the normal life of Egyptians at the heyday of the city, with broken walls, alleys and streets give you an indication of the city's glorious past.

Karanis museum: The museum (See Image 1) is small and is attached to the city. It displays artifacts collected from the city including wonderful glassware, potteries, jewelries and ornaments. The museum has antiques belong to Fayoum's different subsequent eras and it is really worth the visit.

Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

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