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Lahun Pyramid Lahun Pyramid
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

The pyramid is almost on the halfway between Bani Suef and the Fayoum.
This one is part of a funerary complex built by Senwosret II in the Middle Kingdom.

Image 1
Image 2

The pyramid is built of mud-brick and was once encased by limestone like many other pyramids. It had the sloping angle of 43 degrees and an original height of 48 meters (157 ft).

The entrance of the pyramid was discovered by Petrie in 1890 after hard search. The reason was that, unlike other pyramids where the entrance is usually at one side of the pyramid, this one had its entrance through a vertical shaft some distance from the pyramid in the south (See Image 1).

A small pyramid of the queen lies to the north of Senwosret's pyramid (See Image 2). Beside it there are 8 rock tombs of the royal family (See Image 3). Remains of the mortuary temple can still be seen to the east side (See Image 4).

The site has also an old city, Kahun, built for the pyramid builders about one kilometer (0.6 miles) away and the mastaba-tomb of the pyramid chief engineer.

Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

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