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Photo courtesy of The Coptic Architecture
Al-Azab Monastery

DeirWhat does it mean? El-Azab:
This is a modern monastery that is frequently visited by Copts. It lies few kilometers on the road to Bani Suef.

The monastery has a famous shrine for AnbaWhat does it mean? Abram, a bishop of Fayoum and Giza who died in the early last century and was canonized by the Coptic Church of Egypt. If you had a chance to visit the monastery you'll hear an incredible stories about his miracles.

Deir El-Malak Ghobrial (Monastery of Archangel Gabriel):
The monastery was probably built in the 7th or 8th century. The chapel, dedicated to Archangel Gabriel, was built only a century ago.
The monastery is ahead on the road to Bani Suef, albeit hard to reach.

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