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Sharm El-Sheikh Sharm El-Sheikh
image © 2004

Sharm El-Sheikh is the major attraction city of Sinai. It was developed recently and many resorts and hotels were built. The beauty of the city is incomparable among other Egyptian cities. It is almost dedicated to tourism.

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Sharm El-Sheikh has beautiful sandy shores and the seawater is so clear reflecting an amazing turquoise color.

The area's main activities are snorkeling and scuba diving. There are a handful of diving centers scattered in the city. There are also glass boats for those who are not accustomed to diving.

The area's vital section is in Naama bay which is actually 6 km (4 miles) north of Sharm El-Sheikh and has most of the diving centers. The bay has also a very interesting bazaar that sells almost anything a tourist can be interested in.

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