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Ismailia Ismailia
Photo courtesy of Egyptian Tourism Authority

Ismailia is named after KhediveWhat does it mean? Ismail, a 19th century ruler of Egypt. This was originally a village called Al-Temsah (The Crocodile) and was rebuilt by Khedive Ismail who planned to build cities along the Suez Canal.
Ismailia sits on Lake Timsah, one of three lakes included in the canal's path.

Ismailia has a museum displaying artifacts that date back to ancient Egypt and an adjacent Garden of StelaeWhat does it mean? which has sphinxesWhat does it mean? from the time of King Ramesses II. A permission to visit the garden is obtained from the museum.

You can also visit the house of Ferdinand de Lesseps, first director of the Suez Canal company, but a permission is sometimes required from the Suez Canal Authority.

Ismailia has some resort clubs by the coast of Al-Timsah lake ideal for swimming. Some further activities include water skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

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