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Port Said Port Said
Photo courtesy of Egyptian Tourism Authority

Port Said is the northern gateway of the Suez Canal. It was built by KhediveWhat does it mean? Said, who gave the green light to the digging of the canal. Many of its streets have beautiful wooden houses that date back to 19th century.

Port Said suffered from war more than once, and it was bombarded and even parts of it were devastated in subsequent Arab-Israeli wars of 1956, 1967, and again in 1973's Yom Kippur WarWhat does it mean?. Few of the war vestiges remain because most of the city was rebuilt.

Today the city is a commercial center and a vital duty-free zone, so if you intend to visit it check with the customs office to avoid paying much customs for your equipment as you leave the city.

Port Said beaches are ordinary but less crowded than Egypt's other resorts. The best attraction of the city, however, is the lookout of ships while they enter the canal. You can do that by standing on the ferry terminal or by getting on the free-of-charge ferry itself few times.
The ferry carries passengers to Port Said's sister city Port Fuad. Port Said's best landmark is the Suez Canal Authority building. It's visible from the ferry terminal and its building is awe-inspiring.

Port Fuad is very small and has also old and nice houses. It offers nothing but a quiet ambient for those who are seeking serenity.

Military museum:
This has some interesting relics of Egyptian-Israeli wars including tanks and unexploded bombs and also an illustration of Egyptian Islamic and Pharaonic battles.
Generally the museum focus on the last war with Israel in 1973.
Port Said museum:
It has a fine collection exhibits Egypt's history, especially those belonging to Pharaonic and Islamic eras. Most of the Coptic monuments were found at the ruins of ancient city of Tanis in the Delta and were later brought to the museum.
Farial gardens:
A good place to take a rest and enjoy the green.
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