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Temple of Nefertari Temple of Nefertari
image © 2004

The temple is built by Ramesses II and dedicated to his chief wife Nefertari and goddess HathorWho is this deity?. He inscribed his dedication in hieroglyphicsWhat does it mean? on the façade.

This temple is also cut in the mountain with its façade imitating the sloping shape of a pylon.

The façade contains 4 colossiWhat does it mean? of Ramesses and 2 of his wife Nefertari cut in recesses with statues of their children surrounding their legs. They are about 10 meters (33 ft) in height. The door of the temple is in the middle and divides the colossi into two groups of three statues on its sides.

HypostyleWhat does it mean? Hall:

Image 1

The hypostyle hall is flanked with 6 columns, 3 on each side, with elaborated Hathor capitals (see Image 1).

On the walls, Ramesses is shown smiting his enemies in the presence of his wife and several deities. In other reliefs he's portrayed in offering scenes.

AntechamberWhat does it mean? and Sanctuary:
Three doors lead to a vestibule with unfinished subsidiary rooms at either end. The rooms are probably cut for storage purposes.

The sanctuary is approached through a door in the back. The roof is supported by sistrumWhat does it mean?-capitals. In a recess at the back wall there is a magnificent bas-relief of the honored cow-goddess Hathor. Ramesses is illustrated standing beneath its chin. Reliefs of right wall side show the king worshipping before his own figure and his wife, and on the left Nefertari -as equal to her husband- is shown making offerings to MutWho is this deity? and Hathor.

Old Photo 1

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