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Aswan Aswan
Photo by Victor Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

Aswan is Egypt's southernmost city. It has a remarkable African touch. In the early 20th century it was Egypt's no. 1 winter resort for its warm climate and sunny skies. The Nile River offers a marvelous picturesque, as sailboats sail back and forth in the legendary river while the water streams around islands of granite rocky nature.

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For thousands of years, Aswan was a prime supply of stone and granite used by ancient Egyptians who wanted to carve obelisksWhat does it mean? or build pyramids. Aswan has a variety of granite rocks.

The populous part of Aswan dominates the east bank but monuments and tourist attraction sites lie on both banks of the Nile.

Aside from ancient relics, Aswan has two of Egypt's most important agricultural projects in the 20th century; the Aswan Dam and the High Dam. The latter is a large-scale miraculous construction and is considered a landmark of the city.

As being at the southern frontier of Egypt, Aswan was also an important city of trade between the north of Egypt, NubiaWhat does it mean? (to the south of Aswan) and Sudan.

Although it had lost great deal of its old commercial role, the city's souk (market) is still a highlight and there are products that you can only find in Aswan in addition to other regular products.

Fatimid Cemetery
Unfinished Obelisk
Elephantine Island
Kitchener's Island Plantation Island
Qubbet El-Hawa/Tombs of the Nobles
           Tomb of Sarenput I
           Tomb of Pepynakht (Hekayib)
           Tombs of Mekhu and Sabni
           Tomb of Sarenput II
           Tomb of Harkhuf
           Tomb of Khunes
Mausoleum of Agha Khan
Monastery of St. Simon (Deir Anba Sam'an)
Aswan Dam
The High Dam
New Kalabsha Monuments
Philae Island (Agilkai)
Nubia Museum
Lithograph 1

Old Photo 1


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