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Tomb of Pepynakht (Hekayib) Tomb of Pepynakht (Hekayib)
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

Pepynakht was a governor and 'overseer of foreign lands' during the long reign of the 6th dynasty Pharaoh Pepi II. He was deified and honored after his death, not necessarily immediately, on the island of Elephantine; a cult was founded and a sanctuary was built there to honor him.

His tomb is simple but significant. It is approached through a stairway that opens to a small two-pillared hall then to an inclined passage used for burial.

Inscriptions in the tomb describe the career of Hekayib. He was a judge and administrator. He then took charge of quelling NubianWhat does it mean? revolts and later rebellions in Asia. From the tomb of Hekayib an entrance door lead to the tomb of Sabni, Hekayeb's son.

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