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Tomb of Sarenput II Tomb of Sarenput II
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

Sarenput II, who lived in the reign of the 12th dynasty pharaoh Amenemhat II, is the grandson of Sarenput I (also has his tomb nearby). His tomb is the best preserved in Qubbet Al-Hawa.

The entrance opens into a six-pillared hall followed by a corridor with side nichesWhat does it mean? that contain Osiride statues of Sarenput. The corridor leads to the 4-pillared chapel. Sarenput is painted here repeatedly in the presence of his sons, wife and mother in family scenes.
The niche at the back wall of the chapel has interesting colorful scene. (See Image 2)

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Old Photo 1

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