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Luxor Luxor
Photo by Victor Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

Luxor is the embodiment of the grandiosity of the Pharaohs. It's considered the biggest open-air museum on earth. When we talk about monuments in the city, we talk about quantity and quality. There is no place on earth jammed with ancient monuments like in Luxor.

The monuments are so imposing and awe-inspiring, taking into account that the current artifacts are only what remained of the ancient original city, so it's hard to imagine its original glorious shape when was at its peak.

Luxor is drawing tourists even back from antiquity. Ancient tourists, like the modern ones, were willing to travel here to see the striking city they were hearing about. Today Luxor lies as a famous tourism destination and almost the whole city depends on tourism industry.

The inhabitants are predominantly living on the east bank where the great temples of Luxor and Karnak are located. On the west bank there are the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, and several temples including the famous temple of DeirWhat does it mean? El-Bahari. It was there that ancient Thebes once stood.

Luxor's modern name is derived from Arabic "Al-Oksor" which means (the palaces)


East Bank:
Luxor Temple
Karnak Temple
Luxor Museum
Mummification Museum

West Bank:
Valley of the Kings
           Tomb of Ramesses IX
           Tomb of Merenptah
           Tomb of Ramesses VI
           Tomb of Ramesses III
           Tomb of Ramesses I
           Tomb of Seti I
           Tomb of Thutmose III
           Tomb of Twosret and Setnakht
           Tomb of Seti II
           Tomb of Amenhotep II
           Tomb of Horemheb
           Tomb of Tutankhamun
Temple of Deir El-Bahari (Hatshepsut)
The Ramesseum
Tombs of the Nobles
          Tomb of Menna
          Tomb of Nakht
          Tombs of Ramose
          Tomb of Userhat
          Tomb of Khaemhat
          Tomb of Sennefer
          Tomb of Rekhmire
Deir El-Medineh
Valley of the Queens
          Tomb of Queen Nefertari
          Tomb of Khaemweset
          Tomb of Amenherkhepshef
          Tomb of Queen Titi
Medinet Habu
Tombs of Asasif
Colossi of Memnon
Temple of Seti I

Lithograph 1
Lithograph 2

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