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Deir El-Medineh Deir El-Medineh
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

DeirWhat does it mean? El-Medineh is a village where the workmen of the royal tombs of the nearby Valleys of the Kings and Queens resided with their families. About 70 ancient houses are surrounded by an enclosure.

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Most of the houses date to the Ramesside period. The village is accessible by two doorways in the north and the west. It is divided in the middle by a north-south main street intersected by smaller alleys. Most of the houses are identical in design and consist of rooms and a stairway leading up to the spacious roofs.

Coptic hermits in their era used the village as a monastery and turned a nearby Pharaonic temple to a church.

The tombs:
To the north of the village are the tombs of some of the workmen who resided in the village. The tombs are relatively small but are beautifully decorated. The most beautiful tombs are those of Sennedjem, Inherkhau and Pashedu.

Deir El-Medineh temples:
Nearby are several ruined chapels. One chapel is built by the Ptolemies and is dedicated to HathorWho is this deity? and MaatWho is this deity?. The temple was built in the 3rd century BC and it was tranferred into a monastery in early Christian era in Egypt.
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