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Tomb of Sennefer Tomb of Sennefer
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

Sennefer is the mayor of Thebes (Luxor) in the reign of Amenhotep II and a supervisor to the gardens of AmunWho is this deity? temple.

A steep tunnel gets you to a small chamber featuring paintings of Sennefer and his wife. Then comes the main four-pillared chamber. Some of paintings in this chamber portray Sennefer and his wife Meryt as they present offerings to OsirisWho is this deity? and AnubisWho is this deity?, and a boat taking them to Abydos. Other painting shows Sennefer's funeral procession.

The ceiling is decorated with either geometric motifs or pergola of grapes and vine. The latter is very exquisite to the extent that the tomb is sometimes called tomb of grapevines.

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