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Tomb of Ramose Tomb of Ramose
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

Ramose was a governor of Thebes and a vizierWhat does it mean? in the reign of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten. The tomb is the most beautiful and the largest in the necropolisWhat does it mean?. It was never finished though, because Ramose moved with Akhenaten to serve the sun cult religion at Al-Amarna City in El-Menya.

The tomb has two distinguished art styles, the regular and Amarna art, which was associated with the then-new cult introduced by Akhenaten.

The entrance of the tomb takes you to a courtyard and then to a hypostyleWhat does it mean? hall lined by 32 columns. Part of the paintings here shows Ramose's funeral procession in details with the gathering of mourners, wailing women and funeral dancers (See Image 2, 3).

A central door leads you to a small eight-pillared hall then the tomb's shrine (See Image 1). Those two were left undecorated. The door has notable bas-reliefs with the representation of the two different art styles.

A passageway in the hypostyle hall descends to a four-pillared burial chamber and 4 smaller rooms.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

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