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Tomb of Amenhotep II Tomb of Amenhotep II
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

The tomb belongs to the 18th dynasty's Amenhotep II, son of Thutmose III. His tomb actually looks similar to his father's in the structural design and in the type of strike-form depictions. Of the whole tomb, only the burial chamber is decorated.

The tomb is accessible through a stairwell and a sloping corridor then another stairwell and a sloping corridor that ends with a deep shaft. A small room is carved at the bottom of the shaft. The opposite wall of the shaft has a door leading to the rest of the tomb lined on a perpendicular axis. Beyond is a room with two square pillars and then comes a stairwell that leads to the burial chamber.
The burial chamber has 6 columns and the sarcophagusWhat does it mean? lies at the end of the chamber in a lower level of the floor. The chamber is sided by four smaller rooms.

Upon modern excavation of the tomb, the mummy of the king was found in a good condition in its sarcophagus. The mummy is now in the Egyptian museum in Cairo. Moreover, in two of the burial room's side chambers mummies of other kings were found. Those mummies were taken out of their original tombs and buried here in the 21st dynasty by priests to protect them from tomb profanation that prevailed at that time.

The decorations of the burial room bear the full text of the Book of Amduat. In interesting repeated paintings on the pillars, Amenhotep is shown receiving the life (ankhWhat does it mean? symbol) from OsirisWho is this deity?, HathorWho is this deity? and AnubisWho is this deity?. The ceiling has yellow stars drawn on blue background.

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