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Tomb of Seti II Tomb of Seti II
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

Seti II's tomb is adjacent to that of his wife, Twosret. His tomb is much simpler in design. An entranceway leads to three successive corridors then a well room then the four-pillared burial chamber. This has a central descend to another unfinished corridor which was probably changed to be a burial at the time of the king's death. It is not sure whether Seti II was actually buried here or in his wife's tomb because much of the reliefs were altered.

This tomb had been open since antiquity and this is why Greek and Latin graffiti can be seen. Reliefs here are either sunken or raised but are not always painted. Parts of the tomb are decorated by paintings and sketches only, which indicate the tomb was probably finished hastily.

A restored sarcophagusWhat does it mean? lid can be seen in the tomb as well as a mummy of unknown adult in the burial chamber.

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