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Tomb of Twosret and Setnakht
Photo by Raymon Kondos
© 2009 Your Egypt

The tomb was cut by queen Twosret (or Tausert), wife of Seti II, who later became a Pharaoh and a sole ruler of Egypt. Her tomb was usurped by Setnakht (or Sethnakht), founder of the 20th dynasty.

The tomb consists of series of corridors that lead to a burial chamber with its central floor sunken in ground and a vault ceiling. The center is flanked by four columns on each side. The burial chamber has four side rooms.

Another series of corridors lead to a similar-but-bigger burial chamber with the granite sarcophagusWhat does it mean? of Setnakht in the sunken floor.

Like other tombs this one is decorated with extracts from the Book of the DeadWhat does it mean?. Twosret's name was removed and altered in the tomb to bear the name of the usurper, Setnakht. Decorations are either in a form of sunken reliefs or just black sketches.

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