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Temple of Speos Artemidos (Grotto of Artemis) Temple of Speos Artemidos (Grotto of Artemis)
Photo by Raymon Kondos © 2009 Your Egypt

The rock-cut temple is 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) into the desert beyond Bani Hassan. It was built by Queen Hatshepsut and is dedicated to goddess PakhetWho is this deity?. The inscriptions of the temple is generally in a bad state of preservation.

Image 1

On the facade of the temple, Hatshepsut claimed responsbility for rebuilding Egypt after the destruction befallen on it as a result of the rule of the HyksosWhat does it mean? who were expelled from Egypt more than 50 years before her reign.

Though the temple was built by Queen Hatshepsut, both Thutmose III and Seti I added their names and contributed to the building.

The temple has a vestibule (See Image 3) with four square columns making the 15-meter-wide facade of the temple. The columns were left unfinished as it was planned that they have HathorWho is this deity? capitals at exterior and Osirid capitals to the interior. Despite that, cartouchesWhat does it mean? of the Thutmose III and Seti I (See Image 1).

There is a passage way in the middle of the court that leads to a sanctuary which contained a nicheWhat does it mean? carved by Seti I (See Image 4). The inscriptions in the sanctuary is more weary yet there are some Greek and Coptic graffiti.

Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

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