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Frequently Asked Questions
1. I don't know anything about Egypt, how can I travel around the country, should I rent/buy a camel?
Egyptians feel angry of such a way of thinking. Camels are no longer means of transportation. Cairo, Egypt's capital, is a large metropolitan city just as New York, London and Tokyo. Moreover, it is suffering from traffic congestion. So if you still have this idea about Egypt, update your information. Go to General Guide section for more information about transportation.

2. What's the best travel package I can take?

Well, that depends on your priorities. If you would like to visit Egypt because you dreamt of seeing the pyramids and tour in old Pharaonic temples, so a Cairo-Upper Egypt package would suit you.
If you would like to come for recreation purposes so a Red-Sea program will suit you. If you want to have both, simply choose a mixed program.
Whatever the choice you make, be sure you'll have fun; Egypt is one of the richest countries in history, heritage and natural beauty.

3. Should I be granted a visa before traveling to Egypt?

Yes, in most of the cases, your are advised to do so. But actually some visitors can obtain visa from ports of entry. But obtaining your visa at home will save you a lot of trouble. (Check General guide \ Visa) You can contact the nearest Egyptian counselor for more details (Check Addresses \ Embassies).

4. I know nothing about the people there in Egypt. Are they friendly? Are they nice?

Egyptians are incredibly friendly and hospitable to strangers. But that turns to be an overfriendliness in many cases. Try to adapt as much as you can and explore those wonderful people.

5. Is Egypt a safe country?

In terms of crime, there is no place safer in the world than Egypt. In Egypt, there is no need to avoid talking to foreigners. Moreover, I think you should forget about not talking to strangers, this old saying that mama taught you. Egyptians will help you as much as they can. But like any other country, you have to take necessary precautions against petty thieves.

6. But I heard about the conflict of the Middle East and the current unrest in the Palestinian territories, is there any impact on Egypt?

There is absolutely no danger as because of the tragic events in the Palestinian territories. Even in the nearest resorts to the Israeli borders, tourists are enjoying their stay. The armed confrontations are very much confined in the occupied territories.
Enjoy your tour in Egypt and go wherever you want. There is no reason to fear anything. However, normal precautions are advised and a tourist is advised not to speak in politics.

7. I am a woman and heard that Egypt is a conservative country, is it OK to travel though?

Egypt is a very safe country for women, as there is no chance you will be raped or anything like that. It is probably one of the safest countries in the world for a woman to travel in. But rare cases of harassment exist. The best way to avoid this is to dress modestly as Egyptians or to wear wedding rings, as Egyptians tend to show more respect for married women.

8. Is it safe to drink tap water in Egypt?

Water has nothing wrong with it, but they put high amounts of chlorine to render the water antiseptic. Some have weak digestive systems that can't be adapted to that so easily, consequently those can use mineral water.

9. Can I take my children with me?

Absolutely yes. There is no danger on children in Egypt. What should make you worry though is the high temperature and whether your children can stand it or not.
Touring in Egypt is fatiguing, as you have to see many sites in a short time. Make sure your children can stand it. Also, mosquitoes are very annoying, use a good mosquito repellent.

10. Are medications available in Egypt?

Yes, drugstores are everywhere in Egypt and they offer many types of medications that can be bought without prescription. They are also cheap.
You might consider taking a small first-aid kit, and any personal medications should be packed, as that would save you time trying to find equivalent Egyptian drugs.

11. Is Egypt an expensive country?

Not at all! To most Westerners, Egypt is incredibly cheap. Of course there are some exceptions like cars and electronic equipments but other aspects of life are cheaper than in many countries, particularly the advanced ones.

12. What is suitable for shopping in Egypt?

Egypt is a very good place to buy small artifacts and local perfumes. Gold and Silver are best deals, and they are made by professional handicraftsmanship. Please see the Shopping section in General Guide for more information.

13. Can I consume alcohol?

Yes, Alcohol is served in several places. Just be sure not to get drunk. There are few bars and liquor stores at downtown and almost all hotels serve alcohol. At your arrival in Egypt, you are allowed to buy up to three bottles of alcohol from duty free shops within one day.

14. Can I take my pet?

You are not recommended to do so. Egyptians don't care much for pets. This is because the country is crowded enough with humans.

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