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General Guide

Some facts and statistics about Egypt and its national anthem.

Basic Facts and Statistics National Anthem and Flag

Learn how to arrive in Egypt, what are means of transportation used inside the country, what to bring with you and where can you get more information about its tourism activities

Getting There Getting Around What to Bring More Travel Information

Learn how can you get your visa and what are the regulations of the customs authority?

Visa and Registration Customs

Know how to adapt in Egypt: What are the major holidays there, what is the time difference, what is the electric current and what units of measurement are used there?

Holidays and Working Hours Time Zone Electricity Measures and Unit Conversions

Learn about geography of the country, what kind of people are living in it, their religion and language.

Geography People Religion Language

Learn what is the climate like there and what to wear in accordance.

Climate Clothing

Know the average prices there, how to deal with money and what to buy from Egypt that you can bring home.

Prices Money and Currency Exchange Tipping Shopping

Learn what the media is like in Egypt, how can you communicate there, how can you post letters and what if you would like to capture some photos for memory.

Media Communications Mail Photography

Know where can you lodge, what food and drink can you consume and how can you entertain yourself.

Accommodation Camping Food and Beverages Entertainment

Learn about security status, terrorism activities, hospitals and health issues and driving conditions.

Security Terrorism Health Matters and Hospitals Driving

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