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Camping are allowed only in few areas. You can camp beside the pyramids,

in remote beaches or in deserts. However, it is a must to take a permission, written if possible, from local authorities. That would prevent any harassment from regular checks from adjacent military units.

Desert camping in Egypt are of the best in the world, but of course you should be aware of requirments for such a venture.

Beach Camping in northern coast is ideal
Places ideal for camping:
  • Western Oasis
  • Northern Miditerrean coast
  • Red Sea coast
  • Sinai
  • Deserts near Cairo and Giza.
N.B. Avoid camping in urban areas as you may look curious to the locals who are not accustomed with such activity. Also beware of camping in Upper Egypt because many runaways escape in the hills surrounding the Nile valley and it might be dangerous.

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