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Egypt is a religious country; therefore you must consider dressing based on
The Peasants
Ideal clothing for men
this fact. Watch Egyptians as they dress and imitate them. Women, in particular, should dress modestly even in summer.

But modesty doesn't mean veiling every spot of your body … just avoid teenie-weenie garments. Modesty would not only avoid people from gazing at you, but would also let you avoid any possible harassment and indicate a respect for the traditions of the country.

Foreigners should dress properly before entering mosques and churches and females should cover their hair.

The Peasants
Ideal, and least, clothing for women
Temperatures in summer sometimes rise to above 45 C so you should dress sensibly. Use T-Shirts, hats, sunglasses and sunblock in summer. Desert areas are cold at night even in summer. Temperature in winter time fall to as low as 5 C but you can experience summer heat in some days, so always watch temperature forecasts and adapt yourself to any unexpected weather.

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