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The communication infrastructure is quite better now than used to be in the past. Telephone networks had been maintained and improved, and so foreign visitors should find it easier to communicate with their homelands.
With such an improvement, now you can find private telephone enterprises, and so if you want to make phone calls, whether local or international, you can use payphones scattered in streets.

Official Communication center Citizens using payphones at an official communication center, a.k.a "el-central"
Those are operated with prepaid smart cards that are of different denominations: 10, 20, and 30 L.E. The purple telephone cabins labeled Ringo belong to NileTel while the yellow-green ones belong to MenaTel.
A minimum of 20 LE card is recommended for making international calls.
You'll also find the government's coin-operated phones, but most of them are out of order.

Phone calls can be also made from hotels and business centers. In case of hotels, charges are exaggerated, for example a 3-minute phone call that worth 15 LE from payphones could cost you about 30 LE from a five-star hotel.

For Internet connections, you can buy and use prepaid Internet cards, if you're taking a laptop with you. You can even access the Internet for free by dialing: 0777777, 07770777, 07773777, and 07770555. Otherwise, you can use widespread Internet cafés.
Businessmen Centers are offices that offer all means of communications: fax, telephone, Internet, typewriting … etc. Some of these offices can even hire you cell phones.

Egypt's international code is +20.

Coin Phone

Mena Tel Card

Nile Card

Ringo Card

Note: Designs of telephone cards regularily change

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